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ITB-E911 Recording Equipment

ITB-E911 Recording Equipment: Download  PDF File

ITB-Packer Truck Financing

ITB-Packer Truck Financing: Download  PDF File

RFP-Backflow Device Inspection

RFP-Backflow Device Inspection: Download  PDF File

RFP-NES Window Replacement

RFP-NES Window Replacement: Download  PDF File

RFP-YES Window Replacement

RFP-YES Window Replacement: Download  PDF File

Sole Source Purchase

Sole Source Purchase: Download  PDF File

ITB-Packer Truck

ITB-Packer Truck: Download  PDF File

Non-Profit Grant

Non-Profit Grant: Download  PDF File

Amended FY21 Budget

Amended FY21 Budget: Download  PDF File

Transfer Station Technician

Full-time position with benefits. Accepting applications-open until filled. Operates heavy equipment including but not limited to: front end loader, farm tractor; terminal tractor (yard dog); performs required maintenance on equipment; operates transfer scales and maintains records; performs other duties as assigned. Preference will be given to applicants who possess a valid Virginia Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Class B or higher. Starting annual salary $25,000 with benefits. Submit Scott County Employment application and resume to Scott County Public Works, 190 Beech St., Suite 201, Gate City, VA 24251. Questions – call (276) 386- 6521. EOE.

Application: Download  PDF File

Emergency Communications Dispatcher

Must be able to perform technical and administrative work. Must be able to answer emergency and administrative phone lines and dispatch emergency responders in emergency situations. County employment applications will be accepted until position filled. Submit your application in a sealed envelope with resume marked “Confidential – Dispatcher” to Freda R. Starnes, County Administrator, 190 Beech St, Suite 201, Gate City, VA 24251. Pay DOQ/E. EOE. For more information, call 276-386-7220 or 276-386-6521.

Application: Download  PDF File

Special Election-Commonweath Attorney

Special Election-Commonweath Attorney: Download  PDF File

FY20 Audit

FY20 Audit: Download  PDF File

Reassessment News Release

Reassessment News Release: Download  PDF File

Blackgum Emergency Declaration

Blackgum Emergency Declaration: Download  PDF File

Watch Board of Supervisors Meeting Live

Click the following link to visit Scott County, VA Government's YouTube Channel in order to watch the meeting live : Scott County,VA Government YouTube  

Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information: Download  PDF File

Amended Zoning Ordinance 2017

Scott County Amended Zoning Ordinance: Download  PDF File

Comprehensive Plan - Final

Comprehensive Plan - Download PDF File

Important Information From E911 Director

October 1, 2013
It has been brought to my attention by the responding emergency agencies that cover Scott County, that building structures, such as businesses and houses are not displaying the number plates provided by the 911 office. This is a violation of a law, when the number is not posted on the building as outlined. Please follow the link below to read the ordinance and the specifics of posting your house and business number. If you have any questions please call our office at (276) 386-7220.

House Number Ordinance: Download PDF File

Summer Health Information

The following information was provided to Scott County by Eleanor S. Cantrell, MD, the LENOWISCO District Director:

While rabies exposures, tick-borne, and swimming-related illness can occur throughout the year, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) typically reports a greater number of each during spring and summer months.

Rabies exposures most commonly occur via a bite from an animal shedding rabies virus in its saliva, although an exposure is also considered to have occurred when saliva or brain material from a rabid animal gets into a fresh, open wound, or onto a mucous membrane (eyes, nostrils, mouth). While any mammal can become rabid, the animals considered highest risk for having transmiting rabies are wild carnivores (particularly raccoons, skunks and foxes). Bats are also considered high risk. Because bat teeth are small and their bites may be difficult to detect, it is important to be concerned about encounters with bats even if a bite is not readily apparent. Small rodents, including squirrels, and rabbits are not usually considered rabies risks unless sick or behaving abnormally. Dogs and cats that bite people can be observed for a period of time to see if they become ill, whereas there are no established observation times for wild animals.

Any possible human rabies exposure should be discussed proptly with your local health department (LHD). The LHD can evaluate the level of risk, facilitate confinement of domestic animals and testing of other animals, and assist the victim in obtaining appropriate treatment. Park management should contact the LHD during regular working hours to discuss potential exposure situations. Because rabies incidents can occur at night, on a weekend, or a holiday, we encourage park management to establish an after-hours contact plan with their LHD before these types of situations occur.

Regarding tick-borne illnesses, Virginia has seen a sharp increase in the incidence of a many tick-borne illnesses in the past five years, including: Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Tick-borne illnesses are best prevented by citizens who take proper precautions while in outdoor tick habitats, are knoledgeable about the ticks that carry disease, and understand how to safely remove a tick from the body. Ready access to educational material in state parks can help citizens learn how to avoid and prevent illnesses caused by tick bites.

Finally, unintentional injury and illness resulting from recreational water use each year. Park management can play an active role in reminding park patrons to take certain precautions before participating in recreational water activities. People can become sick by swallowing or coming into contact with contaminated waters. The most common waterborne illnesses are gastrointestinal and may cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. It is important to remind visitors that germs on the body can end up in the water and make other people sick. To prevent illness and injury, it is best to shower with soap before swimming and wash hands after using the restroom, avoid water going up the nose or in the mouth, and pay close attention to park signs posted along the shoreline.

Solid Waste Control Ordinance

Scott County Solid Waste Control Ordinance: Download (43 kB) PDF File

Solid Waste & Recycling Schedule

Solid Waste & Recycling Schedule: Download (181 kB) PDF File

Tourism Maps

Agri-Trail: download (787 kB) PDF File
Motorcycle Trails: download (0.98 MB) PDF File
Horse Trails: download (717 kB) PDF File
Scenic Drives: download (758 kB) PDF File
Scott County Blueways: download (375 kB) PDF File
Clinch River Boat Access: download (967 kB) PDF File
Holston River Boat Access: download (506 kB) PDF File
Hiking and Walking Trails: download (363 kB) PDF File
Little Stoney Falls and Trail: download (283 kB) PDF File
Scott County Music Venues: download (1483 kB) PDF File

For more information about the sites listed on these maps, please contact Pam Cox at 386-6521 or .

More information is also avaliable at the Explore Scott County Link opens in a new broswer window website.

Subdivision Ordinance 2014

Scott County Subdivision Ordinance 2014: Download (197 kB) PDF File

Open Appointments

The Scott County Board of Supervisors is taking applications from citizens interested in serving on:

  • Mountain Empire Regional Business Incubator one - (four-year term)
  • Tourism Development Committee one - (three-year term)

Application forms may be obtained at:
County Administrator's Office, County Office Building
190 Beech Street Suite 201
Gate City, VA 24251

by calling (276) 386-6521 or by download: Adobe Reader PDF File

Disclosure of Real Estate Holdings Form: Download (197 kB) PDF File
Statement of Economic Interests Form: Download (197 kB) PDF File
Financial Disclosure Form: Download (197 kB) PDF File